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„Improvise This! Ground Your Basics“
 at „INKA-Theatre“, (Berlin, Mitte)
10.01 – 14.03.2018
Improvise This! Showcase

About the course:

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10-session course that provides an introduction to basic improv tools to get you started, and an exploration of those tools. This approach allows both complete beginners and advanced beginners to work together in the same class, not only learning from the instructor, but also supporting each other.
What are the basic fundamentals of improv? What do I need in order to improvise? What does my partner need from me? What does the scene need from us?

Let’s play and find out.
Join us in a place where you only have to listen, take care of your partner and celebrate our failures.
During the last session the class may choose to have a presentation in front of an invited audience.

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