“Let Impro Lead” – an impro workshop for managers

An interactive workshop, based on improvisation techniques, built around games and exercises to give your team a different perspective on their team-work.

First session – Learn, Practice, Improvise.


  • Listening – do we really listen? To our partners? To ourselves? Why is it important to listen in our workplaces? How do we know who to listen to?
  • Accepting- how far can a team go when they start accepting each other’s ideas? Is it possible to listen without judging immediately?
  • How can I accept my partner’s ideas and still feel I’m contributing my perspective?
  • What makes a manager a good leader?
  • What does my team need from me? What makes my team thrive and what does impro have to do with it?
  • How can I help my team stay motivated and committed?
  • What does leadership have to do with improvising?

Second day- Apply Day

Apply the approaches we’ve learnt in our “impro-lab”, before you take them back to your office. We’ll simulate projects and challenges that are related to your work and practice improvisation techniques as tools for successful team-work.

  • The workshop is designed to be run in two sessions – learn and apply – but the first session could also be booked separately as a one-day workshop.
  • Each session day is planned to last 5 hours, including a 30 minute break, but the length of a workshop may vary according to expected number of participants.