What is „Impro In Business“?

Impro in business – Team Building you take back to your team-work.


Sure, you can book a laser tag afternoon, or play with birds of prey together, but then the day is over and the next day nothing has really changed, except for another topic to chat about during coffee-break.
So why not try something else? Think outside the box. Think innovation.

More and more companies all over the world are discovering the magic of Impro. They apply the tools of Impro through team building to sharpen their teams‘ so-called “soft skills” – the keys to success in almost any profession.

Using Impro-games and exercises, this highly interactive workshop will train and reinforce the set of skills necessary for success in the workplace and beyond.

Those skills are within us all, but they’re easily forgotten and ignored. “Listening, really listening”, “Keeping it simple”, “Saying yes!”, and “making your partner look good”, are just a few of the rules of thumb we play with in team building, and of course, apply them to your work.

What do you get?

Out of these few very fun and funny hours of team building, you will leave with a set of new innovative and empowering approaches.  You’ll also have the ability to continue to improve your teams‘ collaboration and mutual support, flexibility, creativity  and more.
The curriculum is individually developed for your team, according to your needs, because every team requires different themes.

Either a whole day workshop (6 hours) or the half-day (3 hours) version, either in English or in German, this team building will bring you to the next step in your team work, making your everyday life a bit more colorful, and of course, helping your team succeed.

Workshops are available in Berlin or at your location in Germany.

For more details and booking contact me HERE.