About Me: The Short Version

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  • „10 Series Project“/ Berlin – actress in a content-development team for the German TV and Film culture.
  • “Improvise This! Step 1”,  “Improvise This! Step 2” and „Improvise This! Ground Your Basics“/ Berlin- coaching Impro for beginners and advanced beginners in English in “Inka Theatre, Berlin” (since 2016).
  • “Paula”/Berlin – co-director, producer and an actress in an Indi- Solo theater piece by Motti Lerner (2014/2015).
  • “Comedy Sportz Berlin” – training and performing with an Impro company (2014-2015).
  • “Falk Club”/Berlin- coaching a theater group of people with disabilities (2015-2016).
  • “Morus 14”/ Berlin – volunteering as a Drama educator for a youth center (2015).
  • „Urban Antigone“/ Berlin – acting in a sight-specific performance (“Neukölln 48”, 2012)
  • “English Theater Berlin”- assistant of Inka Palm in “Leibniz” high-school theater project (2012) – Click HERE for the evaluation in German.
  • “Ramba Zamba Berlin” – assistant as Theater educator and accompanist in a theater for people with disabilities (2013) – Click HERE for the evaluation in German.
  • “Hanoch Levin In Colors”/ Tel Aviv- acting in a sketch-theater show, based on the texts of one of the greatest Israeli play-writers – Hanoch Levin (2009-2012).
  • “Silence not. A love Story”/ Jerusalem- theater actress (2010)
  • “Jerusalem Impro Championship”.(Psik Theater, 2010)