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My favorite people, are people who would like to get to know me better. But when asked, I always wonder what people do REALLY want to know about me. Should I start with my favorite color? Purple, of course. No, Orange. No.
Purpled orange. Orangey purple.
I think you could say I’m decisive.

Or maybe you are more interested in my background? How I had nailed my S.A.T’s in high-school, and probably could have gotten into any medical faculty, but alas! To my parents great disappointment I went studying professional acting for three hard years in Tel Aviv. Oh, yes, I’m originally from Israel.
– Graduate of the „Sofi Moskowitz school of performance arts“ (Tel Aviv), with an acting diploma-

An actress, are you? Well, what is it that you do, theater, TV of film?

Asking me this question is like asking a kid, who they love more, mom or dad. Why would you do this? Don’t do it. Feel free to contact me with your acting offers in theater, TV or Film. It’ll be a blast.

In Israel I took part in Theater projects, as I kept on educating myself in the acting field as an improviser and in front of the camera.
You are most welcome to take a look at my CV .

And in Berlin?

In April 2012 I moved to this wonderful, exciting unique city and fell in love immediately. Don’t get me started on Berlin, I won’t be able to stop. I guess I could say I feel here at home. Not giving up on my passion, I did a couple internships as a drama educator: one with teenagers (assistant of drama educator Inka Palm, with her high-school project in “Leibniz” high-school, Berlin (2012-2013, Click HERE for the evaluation in German), another with people with disabilities (“Ramba Zamba” Berlin,  (2013 Click HERE for the evaluation in German), and later coached a theater group of people with disabilities (AWO Falk-Club 2015-2016)

What have you experienced?

Urban Antigone Berlin
„Ubahn Antigone“/ Berlin, 2012


"Paula" in Berlin
Photo: Jonny Whitlam, Berlin 2014

Oh, tons of it. I’ve always had the best teachers. Two clown courses in “Clown Labor” Berlin (an old dream is to become a medical clown), two acting courses for professional actors with Greta Amend (“The year of the seagull” (2015) and “Energizing The Actor” (2016), acting in “Urban Antigone”/Das ist doch keine Art (by Yael Sherill) in “48 hours Neukölln 2012” and I co-directed, produced, co-translated and acted in my own Indi solo theater-project, “Paula” by Motti Lerner (2014-2015).
Nowadays I’m also part of „NetSeries.Berlin“,  content development for the German TV and Film culture and a medical clown at the ROTEN NASEN DEUTSCHLAND.

Theater is passion, and impro is its daughter.

I knew it from the very first year of acting school. Right after graduation I won the second place in „Jerusalem Impro- championship“, (Psik Theater, 2010), after moving to Berlin I joined the training and performing of the “Comedy Sportz Berlin”, took part in the workshops of “Berlin International Festival”/ The Gorillas (2014/2016/2018)  and since the beginning of 2016, I enjoy teaching impro to beginners and advanced-beginners: „Improvise This! Ground Your basics“  at “INKA-Theatre”.
These days I’m establishing my team-building workshop. Yes, that’s right corporates, I’m right behind you.

In conclusion-

I’m a purple orange actress with great passion of acting and a mission to spread the beauty of Impro to as many people as possible.